How to entertain kids at home during quarantine

Photo: Sharon McCutcheon

Due to the strict measures taken by the governments of the countries most affected by the coronavirus in recent weeks to try to slow its growth curve, many parents find themselves during quarantine having to live with their children many more hours than usual.

Children are full of energy and constantly demand their parents’ attention, so we must find new games and activities that make them forget the current situation and also keep them away from a prolonged exposure to the screens.

That is why, in this article, we want to recommend you 3 of our masks that are free and you can find them in our shop, which can help you to entertain them for hours:

Scream Mask
Ned Mask
Not a mask at all

In order to build them, you’ll only need:
– A printer with black ink and paper.
– A pair of scissors.
– A ruler, square or bevel.
– Glue.
– Markers, pencils or colored sprays.

If you purchase any of our designs, you will have access to a downloadable PDF with the necessary instructions and templates so that you can assemble and customize them to your liking. Here is an example:

Although our designs are intended to fit, more or less, an average adult’s head, you can use the “rule of three” below to get the right size:

  • Diameter of the head of the reference of our designs = 61 cm
  • Diameter of the child’s or person’s head = CH cm
  • Printing scale = (CH * 100) / 61.
  • More info about this at

Customers from all over the world have given us their opinions about our designs, which they have used for their children’s Halloween or Carnival costumes.

Photo: JL Candelaria.

Also, for every mask you buy, we plant a tree! We’ve already planted over 1,200.

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