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Make your own horse mask in an easy and simple way for parties, events (like Halloween or Carnival), festivals, photography, or just for fun! 😋

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3D Paper Craft Horse Mask

Do you want to create an original and sustainable mask to impress at a party or event? Do you like crafts? Look no further! Make your own low poly mask using the printable template and instructions that we have designed.

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⚡ Instant access to the PDF which contains them when you complete your order.
It is not necessary to be a papercraft expert. With a bit of patience and creativity, anyone can assemble the Horse Mask, in geometric or polygonal shape, for adults or kids. If your costume is missing a unique and attractive accessory, you’re in the right place! What do you need?

📌 Materials

  • Domestic printer and black ink.
  • Paper, A4 or US letter size, with a grammage of more than 150 gsm.

  • Scissors and/or razor knife.

  • Ruler or set square.

  • Glue stick or adhesive tape.

  • Color sprays (optional).
  • Brushes and acrylic paint (optional).
  • 📝 Instructions

  • Add the product to the cart and checkout! 🛒
  • Download and print the PDF 🖨 on paper or cardboard.
  • Cut the pieces ✂ using a pair of scissors or a razor knife.
  • Fold the pieces with a ruler 📏 or a set square 📐.
  • Glue the flaps of the pieces with glue stick or adhesive tape 🤓.
  • Customize your mask; paint it with color sprays and give it an extra touch with brushes and acrylic paint! 🖌

👤 How to make Horse Mask for kids

Although our masks are designed to be worn by any average adult, sizing them for a child -or an adult with a noticeably larger than average head- is very easy, you can follow the steps below to make sure the Horse Mask is the size you need:

Measure the desired head circumference (in centimeters) with a sewing tape measure

Multiply the head measurement x1,64

Enter the result in the % Scale field in the Print Settings

Print the PDF and build the mask in the desired size!
It’s something simple and practical that, looking at the reviews of some parents who includes photos of their kids using our masks (somewhat smaller) in their costumes, it seems to work perfectly.

🧐 How the Horse Mask Template works

The Horse Mask pattern contains a total of 22 pieces spread over 11 pages.

The pieces are labeled with #numbers, which you must follow in ascending order to assemble the design: #1 → #2 → #3.

Each of the pieces also has numbers on their edges that will allow you to identify the junction points between different pieces.

🎬 How to build the Horse Mask with Cardstock

For every mask 🎭 you buy, we plant a tree 🌲
More information in Our forest.

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8 reviews for HORSE / DONKEY MASK

  1. Alora Burnham
    The instructions were easy to follow, and the mask was amazing. My husband received so many compliments at Halloween.
    Francesco De Pinto
    Great, easy to assemble and fantastic result
    Theodora Caputo
    The template was easy to follow and as described
    This item met my expectations!
    HORSE / DONKEY MASK photo review
    Robert L Connolly
    Easy download and helpful instructions about building the mask. It looks good when completed. Fun mask!!!
    HORSE / DONKEY MASK photo review
    Angeline Radley
    We made these masks for an art project and a they were easy to follow instructions and fun to make! We used double sided tape (definitely the best way!) and spr...More
    We made these masks for an art project and a they were easy to follow instructions and fun to make! We used double sided tape (definitely the best way!) and spray painted them and love the results. Will definitely recommend!
    It was really easy and fun to put together.
    Christine Skinner
    Very nice design! Thank you for keeping my son busy for several hours during these difficult days.
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