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In the pictures, an example of a personalized mask is shown. If you buy this product, you will get a downloadable PDF with the instructions and templates necessary to assemble and customize it to your liking.

More information in the description.

Assemble your own zombie mask in an easy and simple way for parties or events, such as halloween or carnival, or for photoshoots / decoration.

• Dimensions: 240mm x 222mm x 281mm.
• 11 pages, 15 pieces.



Our masks have been designed to fit more or less the head of an average adult, and must be printed in the current size, on an A4 or on a US card, with a minimum weight of 150 grams (so that it’s resistant when assembled), on one side per page. Do not modify the dimensions of the PDF to fit the entire page in the printing options, make sure that the scale is 100%.

If you are not sure about the size of the mask, or if you would like to assemble the mask for a child, you can use the three rules below to make sure the mask is the correct size:

    • 61 cm  (Diameter of the head with reference of our designs) = 100% (Print scale – For average adult)
    • Your cm (Diameter of your head/ child’s head) X% (Print scale – Adapted)
    • So: X% print scale = (Your head diameter in centimetres * 100) / 61.
    • Enter that % in the printing settings.
    • More información about this on hekreations.com/FAQ

2 – CUT.

Scissors and a cutter will be your best allies in this step. We usually use scissors to trim the folio templates, following the continuous lines from outside, and use the cutter for the more complicated parts where there is not much room available and it’s difficult to access, such as lines with more abrupt turns, internal holes of the templates, etc.

3 – BEND.

A ruler, a set square or carpenter’s square will do the job, as long as it is not too thick. You must bear in mind that:

  • The folds with dashed lines and points (- · – · – · -) fold inwards.
  • The folds with dashed lines (- – – – – -) fold outwards.

4 – PASTE.

The glue stick, i.e. Pritt, is ideal for this step. Building the mask is as easy as sticking numbers by pairs together (1-1, 14-14, 27-27…), following the pieces (classified with the #) in ascending order: #1, #2, #3, #4…


The most creative step is in your hands! It’s all up to you! From leaving the mask as a template to painting it with spray paint and giving it your own personal touch.


  • Follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss any upcoming releases! Share your photos with our designs using the hashtag #hekreations!
  • Our designs are protected by copyright and are intended for personal use only. You can build as many masks as you want with this PDF, but please do not share or steal it, there’s a lot of hard work involved in each one of our designs.

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    "I was looking something for Halloween and I just loved this product. I have to say that it is easy to assemble and it looks really nice." - David Johnson.
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