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Hekreations - Founder and designer - Héctor 'hekreates' Zamarriego

Hello! 👋 My name is Héctor Zamarriego, and I am the person behind HEKREATIONS, it's a pleasure to have you here! 😊

Do you want to know how this project was born? After graduating in Audiovisual Communication, I started a Master's Degree in 3D & Visual Effects. It was at that time that I discovered, thanks to a music video from my friends at Blackpanda, the fascinating world of geometric masks or polygonal style.

I completely fell in love with the low poly aesthetic, for its unique visual appearance, and with the concept of do it yourself, which resonated with my self-taught personality. Thus, on Halloween of 2018, I published the first 8 masks, starting this incredible adventure.

The journey has not been easy, but after a lot of work, persistence, and dedication, today I can share my passion with an ever-growing community of creative minds.

🖤 Thank you for trusting in our products and for allowing us to continue doing what we love most: CREATE.

What does HEKREATIONS mean?

What does Hekreations mean - Name origin
Our name is derived from HEKREATES, which in turn is the result of the combination of 2 words: HEK(TOR) + KREATES (creates). HEKREATIONS means, therefore, the creations of Héktor.

Committed to the environment

Discover one of the most fundamental pillars of this project, with Our Forest.

Mission, Vision and Values

Hekreations mission icon in red and black

Our mission is to offer minimalist and sustainable products, characterized by their geometric shapes with few polygons (that keep the essence of the elements they represent), for the most creative and demanding customers.

Hekreations vision icon in red and black

Our vision is to to become the preferred company of people looking for low poly, unique and quality products, which do not cause a negative impact on the environment.

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Our values are, among others: transparency, honesty, consistency, sustainability, excellence, enthusiasm, security, efficiency and proximity.

What products or services do we offer?

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