Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question and it is not answered below, or you just bought a mask and you are having problems with the download, please email us to or through our contact form.


In our shop, we have several currencies available. You can check them in the dropdown menu next to the price at the top of the page of the product your would like to purchase. If you choose any of the available options and complete your order, you will be charged the conversion to the currency of your bank or Paypal account. If you have doubts about the exchange rate, we recommend checking it on Google: How much is [price] + [selected currency] in [desired currency].
No, that's why the complete address is not requested during the checkout. Shipping products made of paper or cardboard would compromise their integrity during transportation, not to mention the environmental impact it would entail. With the downloadable PDF, we offer a faster and cheaper solution that allows our customers to enjoy the creative process of transforming 2D pieces into a 3D mask from the comfort of their homes, thanks to our easy-to-follow instructions, using locally available materials.
Once the payment is completed, you will be able to access the corresponding downloadable file from the download links that you will find in the order confirmation email that we have sent you. If you have created a user account, you will also be able to access these files from the MY DOWNLOADS section in MY ACCOUNT, after logging in.

All of our masks have been designed so that they can be worn by the average adult. If you want to make it for a child, or consider that perhaps your head is noticeably larger or smaller than average, you can follow these steps to make sure the mask is the right size for your needs.

  • To PRINT, you will need a printer with black ink and A4 or US card, with a minimum weight of 150 gsm.
  • To CUT, a pair of scissors or a cutter will be your best allies.
  • To FOLD, a ruler, a set square or carpenter’s square will do the job, as long as it is not too thick.
  • To PASTE, use a glue stick, i.e. Pritt, for this step.
  • To CUSTOMIZE, the colored sprays or the acrylic paint will give life to your creations. You can also cut some stockings and stick them inside the mask covering some holes, such as the eyes, nose or mouth, so that the inside of the mask is hidden.
In some cases, for aesthetic reasons, we don’t want to show the eyes to make the mask look better, and we do it with one of the following methods: a) We cover them by cutting out black socks, and we stick them inside the mask, stretched out enough so that you can see through them. b) We cover them with Photoshop.
Our masks tend to fit quite snugly on the head, so although some are roomier than others on the inside, the generic answer is NO. There are many influencing factors, such as the size and shape of your head and glasses, as well as the design you would like to wear them with, so we recommend wearing contact lenses.
If the product you have purchased is not free, once you have downloaded its linked digital file, the Tree-Nation platform will send you, within the next 90 days, an email with the information related to the tree that has been planted thanks to your purchase in Our Forest.
Occasionally, after we have recorded the tutorial and taken the pictures, we realize that we can still make small changes to improve your experience with mask assembling. They are usually insignificant variations (like changing one of the external folds from one piece to another or deleting a discontinuous line from a fold because it is not necessary), so you can continue assembling the mask without problems.


The easiest way to open and print the templates of the masks is using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, a free PDF reader that you can download from here:
It is not necessary, the content of the pattern (lines, numbers...) is in black and white. If you are thinking of adding color to the 3D mask in a similar way to the one shown in the product images, the PDF has an additional page at the end with a simple customization guide in case you want to a) print the pages with paper in the desired colors or b) paint the pieces in the desired colors.
Check that you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and that the drivers for your printer are installed. Download, save and print the PDF from your computer instead of directly from the browser.
When you click Print, in the Print Settings, do not modify the dimensions of the PDF to fit the entire page. Make sure the scale is 100%.
Si tienes una máquina Silhouette o Cricut y necesitas un archivo .DXF, deberás comprar el producto deseado 2 veces y ponerte en contacto con nosotros, facilitándonos los números de pedido, para que procedamos a exportar los archivos y enviártelos por correo.


Our designs are protected by copyright and are intended for personal use only. Visit our Commercial Use page for more information.


Generally, the image rights of video game / series / movie / book characters are subject to international copyright, so creating and selling masks inspired by them would require a license from the owners of the design. As we do not have such licenses, we have designed some masks, unofficial, that you can download for free in our shop, in the category of Free Masks.
Of course! We are always open to work on ambitious projects where we can develop our creativity. Visit our 3D Custom Masks page for more information.
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