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Artistic expression is the way an artist combines colors, textures, shapes, materials, lights and shadows, with the intention of reflecting what he / she sees, remembers, thinks, imagines or feels.

In Hekreations we are committed to creativity and originality. Therefore, in this section you will find works by some artists who have used our products in several of their creations, which have transmitted and impacted us so much, and as their principles and values are aligned with ours, we have agreed to name them as ambassadors of our brand.

Alberto Alvarado Pérez

• 🇲🇽 México • Photographer •
Alberto Alvarado Pérez - Embajador de hekreations
Featured works

When did you decide to get into photography? Why?

I started photography three years ago. I liked using applications to edit my friends’ photos and mine, and I got to the point where I not only wanted to edit them, but also to create them from scratch, including something personal in each one of them.

How do you manage your photo shoots?

I have three stages. In the first one, inspiration comes from what I live day by day. It can appear at any time and I usually get inspired by the least expected details related to music, books, movies, people, feelings,.. Wow, I’ve even been inspired by a puzzle! Afterwards, I look for the right elements to create and transmit what I want through my work. And finally, with editing I get an extra touch.

When and why did you decide to include the masks in your works? What are you trying to convey in your work with them?

In the middle of 2019, for personal reasons, I had a creative and emotional break. I hid everything under a mask and went some time without creating. There came a time when I had to take off that mask I had put on myself to pretend everything was okay. I went back to my content for a few months, but it didn’t fill me up, until I decided to express that feeling in me. That’s exactly what I’m trying to transmit, the way we sometimes put a mask on ourselves. A word of advice, don’t do it… EXPRESS YOURSELF!

When did you meet us? How did you get to us? Why did you choose our products and not those of another brand?

I discovered you in 2019, when I was looking how to make masks to use in my content. I chose you because, without a doubt, your products are just what I needed: something creative and innovative.

You know that for each of your purchases we plant a tree, do you think that the commitment of companies to the environment is something important?

Yes, I hope to have a complete forest soon thanks to the purchases I make on your website. And of course it is very important this commitment you have, we must enjoy but also take care of our environment.

And finally, what do you like most about our designs? what would you change? would you recommend them to your friends?

What I like most about each of your designs is that it doesn’t limit you to just creating a mask but gives you the opportunity to put that extra personal touch of creativity. I wouldn’t change anything, and of course I recommend you! too much!

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