In Hekreations we believe that any company’s activity should never have a negative impact on the environment.

For this reason and being aware that paper is necessary to assemble our masks, we recommend all our customers to use recycled paper for their making.

In addition, our commitment to the environment and against deforestation doesn’t stop here. For every mask or accesory (claws, wings,…) you buy, we plant a tree. (Promotion not applicable to free masks).

Part of the money will go directly to the Tree-Nation platform, a tree will be planted in your name in our forest, where you can check what species it is and what part of the planet it is growing on.

Are you in? Together we can make big changes!

Hekreations, an enviromentally friendly creative project.

Thanks to your purchases:

6,454 planted trees

168.5 t CO2 offset

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