Our Forest

At Hekreations, we consider it essential that the activity of companies should avoid negative impacts on the environment. 🌍

For this reason, being aware that to assemble our masks we need paper 📄 and to deliver our sculptures we need to ship ✈️, we try to offset these impacts through the following lines of action:

Forest with icon of "1 mask 1 tree"

1. To fight against deforestation, in addition to recommending the use of recycled paper for the construction of the masks:
• We plant a tree for each mask or accessory purchased.
• We plant a tree for each version that we assemble until we reach the final model.
2. To offset the carbon footprint of the sculpture shipments:
We plant the trees necessary to offset the CO2 emissions derived from transportation, from the departure of our facilities to the customer’s home.

Sky with "1 sculpture 1 sustainable shipping" icon

How do we make this possible? By using a portion of the revenue from your purchases on the platform of Tree-Nation. On our profile, @hekreations, you will find out which species we have planted so far and the areas of the planet where they are found.

Are you in? 🌱 Together we can make big changes! 💪  — Hekreations, an environmentally friendly creative project..

17,162 planted trees
463.5 t CO2 offset
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